In December 1985, we had the opportunity to get a pair of Spanish Mastiffs and since then this breed captivated us because of its beauty and noble sentiments.
From then on we started to love this breed and we started to go to shows, which gave us the chance to meet breeders ans people who liked this breed.
In 1991 we asked for our affix “JUSIANTE” , which was given to us by R.S.C.E. and by the F.C.I., and with this name we started to breed this wonderful and special breed.

Since those days we are members of A.E.P.M.E. (Asociación Española del Perro Mastín Español) and we follow the breeding plan of this asociation.
We are a family who has loved the Spanish Mastiff for many years. Our names are Juan Silla and Angeles Teodora, and when we got our first dogs we were a very young engaged couple. Now we have three children Juan Carlos, Angel and Olga, and we try to show our children our love for this breed.
We live in Picassent, which is a town in Valencia, on the east coast of Spain. Our dogs live happily in the country, where Juan goes to work every day and looks after them.